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I promote this company, I know it is a network marketing company and over the years, I’ve been introduced to many! I wanted to tell you the why-over 10 years ago, I ran into an old friend that I had lost contact with, she invited me to a network marketing meeting for these products, I had not seen her for quite a few years and did want to connect, the meeting was in Tempe, where I lived, very convenient, so I said yes that I had about an hour, which gave me a way out to leave early! Well, it was pretty life changing! I didn’t want to leave, a chain of events that occurred kept me very intrigued! It was all about PH balance, now this was way over 10 years ago so PH info was new to me! I’ve been a health coach for many years! My husband, Ted at the time was diagnosed with some major health challenges and was given a few months to live, he had just come out of the emergency room, so started to test his PH levels and mine, to my surprise his was good and mine was very acidic!! Because he had been cleansed in the ER, but mine was not!! It was my skin, which is our largest organ was very toxic, I thought I was ok, but now I know that I was saved from major skin complications! I am now a big educator of PH balance! These products help to keep it simple, over the years I’ve been told that if you body is perfectly PH balanced, you would never get sick!!! 

I support this company which is another network marketing company because of Dr Joel Wallach, he has helped many people including myself, especially when I was taking care of my dad who was diagnosed with Dementia, Parkinson’s! They were a true blessing in action and word!

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