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These are resources, companies, ministries, etc. that have been a blessing to me! I want to invite you to be a part of my world! Thank you!

They do the best videos from beginning to finished product, creative, professional, superb editing and overall excellent quality! Check out their website! (I’m not just speaking out of bias for my husband, Randy’s company) It is very highly rated!!

Very relevant for today in political and prophetic insights!

Best PH balance products

The best! I’ve had massage for over 35 years and Kena is the best!

Explosive movement that is changing our kids in schools for greatness!

I lived in Colorado Springs and was able to attend his Healing in here school in Woodland Park, and follow his ministry, highly respect!

Matt, high end, more than a physical therapy center! Caring, professional and the best in the industry!!

Our church

Our church

Best vitamins!

Dr Shawn is wonderful! Very knowledgeable, approachable, down to earth! So glad to have found a great naturopath!!

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